People Power

The try-before-you-buy method

Job Size: 
750 Staff
Furniture Included: 
Zurich 5 Sit/Stand Desking, Harbour focus pods, T-Wall and Lockers

Rebecca Wilson of Transpower likens designing a new workspace to buying a house: "If someone can envision themselves in the new setting, they're much more likely to commit to the new environment". This sentiment was central to Aspect's process when supplying the furniture for Transpower's new premises in Wellington.

With approximately 750 staff working in an agile environment, the emphasis needed to be on functionality above all else. But to be able to achieve this, Aspect still needed to work closely with both Transpower and architects Jasmax to ensure the layout was practical. The solution was for Aspect to develop a fully-functional prototype workspace that enabled Transpower staff to test and assess the furniture before they purchased anything.

Along with the prototype workspace, Aspect also developed a video walk-through of the space, so furniture solutions could easily be reviewed and refined. After a rigorous round of feedback (Rebecca asserts "nearly every item of furniture was selected on the most popular choices from staff"), both parties settled on a carefully configured layout of Zurich 5 Electric sit-to-stand work-points, Harbour focus pods, T-Pod Micro-rooms, Smartalock lockers and WorkTotes.

All of these settings give the users a range of collaborative and informal settings that encourage connection and communication in the office. Throughout the process, Aspect strived to remain accessible and transparent in their workings, always making sure the client's needs were the driver of every decision.