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Introducing the T- Pod

A thriving agile workplace relies on a careful balance between open collaborative and private spaces. T-Pod responds to both of these with multi-purpose spaces for staff to interact or work alone with varying degrees of visual and acoustic privacy. Given how quickly an office environment can expand and evolve, flexibility is crucial. You can never be sure how the needs of your staff may require a reconfiguration of the space - and more often than not, changing the structure of your building isn’t an option. 

The T-Pod is a flexible partitioning solution that can be used to construct new spaces within your open-plan environment. With cost-effective frameless sliding glass doors, the T-Pod is designed as a selection of pre-formatted modules that can be efficiently utilised within your floor-plan. Aspect had already tailored plenty of furniture solutions to meet customer demands, so the idea of introducing a customisable module seemed like a no-brainer. According to Roy Campion, Sales Director, this previous experience made the development process fairly organic. “It was just refining [it] into a product”. 

Aspect developed a suite of aluminium extrusions to cater for a huge range of fit-out applications and fitted each component with acoustic panelling, with the option to integrate a ceiling within the transom frame if greater privacy is required. 

“Throughout the development process, customisation always remained the driving focus. While we have standard modules, we recognise that every organisation is different”, says Roy. 

With T-Pods, every finish and size is customisable, only limited by building regulations. This is the core distinguishing feature that sets the T-Pod apart from its international counterparts. “Most of our competitors manufacture their product in Europe or China where you have to produce large volumes and customisation is restricted”. With the T-Pod, customers can truly design their workspaces into a configuration that suits them. Pods include a wide range of function user options such as integrated lighting, fresh air controls, power/data/AV connections and room booking services. For modern workplaces that depend on the ability to pivot between open-plan and private space, the T-Pod is as flexible as you can get.