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Melbourne showroom launch

What: Aspect's new Melbourne showroom opening

Where: 333 Collins Street, Melbourne central

When: 5-7 March 2019

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Aspect Furniture have always been passionate about the thoughtful design and functionality of their furniture. But they're also aware that it takes an equally thoughtful and functional workspace layout to unlock the full potential of their products. So, with their brand-new Melbourne showroom, Aspect wanted a space that would not only show off their range of cutting-edge office furniture, but also showcase how that furniture might function in a modern, active working environment.

Situated in the heart of Melbourne, Aspect's Collins Street location is a high-ceiling, welcoming space that is both generous in volume and rich with history. When approaching their conversion, Aspect and their architects Warren & Mahoney quickly decided to leave the existing structure untouched and work with the inherent features and character of the space. Client hosting was a priority, and this is at the core of any Aspect showroom.

A pivotal feature of the new showroom is its chair wall - a sprawl of elevated platforms manufactured inhouse, adorned with Aspect seating, that runs floor to ceiling. Rather than wheeling out their product every time a sales opportunity presents itself, the Aspect team now can point their clients to a live catalogue of furniture that is as visually dynamic as it is clever and practical. The rest of the showroom is separated into active spaces of workstations, T-walls, privacy screens, soft seating and accessories. There's an open-plan kitchen, replete with working television, that serves as an informal social environment for both staff and clients, perfect for both casual presentations and general hospitality.

The greater purpose of this rebuild was to present an active work space that functions as both a low-pressure sales environment for clients and a functional work environment for staff so that clients are able to try out the furniture in a working environment. Therefore, the space is set up as one, with staff and client alike able to hot-desk throughout the many working spaces of the showroom.

In this sense, the space is more than just a showroom - it's a physical statement of the Aspect ethos. They are passionate about providing workplace environments that keep up with global trends, local requirements and ever-changing workstyles. Aspect are inviting clients not just to see their range of cutting-edge products, but to also experience them, alongside a passionate team of staff doing the same.