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New Home for CanTeen in Historic Building, Sydney.

One of the major architectural conservation projects in Newtown in recent years has been the restoration of the Trocadero dance hall in King Street North. This large entertainment venue opened in 1889 and is one of the last 19th-century dance halls still standing in Sydney. Over the years it functioned variously as a dance hall, a skating rink, a cinema, a boxing and vaudeville venue, a bicycle factory and a motor body works to name a few. 

Aspect was approached by FJMT to work on the relocation project for CanTeen into the Trocadero in Newtown.

CanTeen is an amazing organisation that helps young people cope when their own or a close family member’s cancer turns their world upside down. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with both client & architect to supply lounges, tables & boardroom furniture for the project.

Aspect would also like to thank At Work with Camira for generously supplying their new Landscapes fabrics for use on our lounges.