Is ABW for you?

There’s a debate going on amongst designers at present regarding the true meaning and value of Activity Based Working (ABW) environments.

Aspect's Annual Canberra Workplace Lunch 2015

Canberra Event Aspect hosted a key design and industry event in Canberra that underpinned a strong commitment to the local design community and Government departments.

2015 Victoria University Āwhina Careers Expo

Te Rōpū Āwhina of Victoria University recently hosted its 6th successful Careers Expo and this year two members from the Aspect Furniture design team were invited to attend the event and share some real world industry experience.

Canberra Workplace Design Event with local interior architects and designers

Aspect celebrated their entry into Canberra with a key design and industry event

Recertification to GECA Label

We are proud to announce that in March 2015, GECA accreditation has been further granted for our Zurich Workstations, Agility Tables, Runway Workstations and Levitate Monitor Arm.

New Auckland Showroom Opening

Construction has begun on our new Auckland showroom and design centre in Nugent Street, Grafton, as Aspect Furniture Systems expands north from our previous geographical boundary of Wellington.