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Agility folding table

Agility folding tables provide larger format capability than tilting tables and can be manufactured in a range of sizes from 2000 x 1000mm to 3000 x 1500mm. 

The ability to achieve larger formats than with tilting tables reduces joins between tables creating a more seamless tabletop and reducing the quantity of legs below, suitable for a more formal environment.

Operation of the table folding mechanism is a single person task, due to the tensioned spring arrangement in the sub frame which assists the action. The spring also holds the table positively in the open and closed position, eliminating the need for latches.

A custom designed power and data flap can be fitted into the centre of the table without impeding the folding mechanism. The system is flush mounted, with a brush seal to the perimeter of dual aluminium lids which can be finished in polished, anodised or powdercoated aluminium or can have timber veneer applied to match the tabletop.

Frame in polished aluminium or powder coat Mannex White, Mannex Silver, Mannex Black
Tabletop in customer specified LPL or timber veneer
Integrated centrally positioned power /data solution as option
Additional info: 

Dimensions (mm):

Length 1800 - 3000mm
Width 1000 - 1500mm