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Fluid stacking screen

Fluid stacking screens allow users to personalise their changing work environment to suit. Top stacking panels can be tool-lessly removed/placed by the user anywhere along the Fluid rail.
The fixed base panel of 25mm thick laminate board or fabric covered substrate allows you to mount work point accessories without needing to adjust the position of the top stacking panel. Top stacking panels can be shorter in size than the base panel and can be easily removed and re-upholstered to refresh the look.
Fluid stacking screens can be produced in a wide range of materials and substrates such as fabric wrapped, 12mm Cube, 12mm Echopanel, 12mm Ecoustic, laminate panels, acrylic, laser-cut steel, perforated plywood or lacquered MDF.
Additional info: 


25mm laminate panel, veneer panel or fabric covered panel to customer specification


Fabric to customer specification, Echopanel, Ecoustic panel, acrylic, steel, plywood or lacquered MDF


Dimensions: To customer specification