Function Wall

Function Wall is a system of clip-on panels that integrate with T Wall, typically used where increased privacy or additional functionality is required. Function Wall can be tiled to suit requirements with a custom t-edge utility channel typically fitted to the upper edge of the tiles.

This houses a wide range of accessories including a full range of components such as paper trays, pen buckets, accessory trays, copy holders as well as heavy duty shelving.

Tiled panels can be provided in client specified finishes, with options such as fabric over steel (magnetic attachment), Melteca and whiteboard.

The internal cavity can be filled with acoustic baffle to eliminate sound transfer.

Junctions between panels are finished with an 8mm negative detail. This also enables tiles to be broken up both horizontally and vertically as required, utilising the same or a range of finishes.

Acoustic baffle internally, and sound seals to all panel junctions ensures a high level of acoustic performance.

Customer specified from LPL or timber veneer range, whiteboard, fabric pinboard
Frame in powder coat Mannex White, Mannex Silver or Mannex Black or natural anodised