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Harbour workpoints are a mobile modular and flexible work environment for focused work. The Harbour bays are private areas for busy focus periods at the office. As a shared private space, they offer an alternative workspace for focused work. Their aesthetics, combined with the acoustic screens, ensure an area of quiet and undistracted working. Harbour desking is the designer’s choice as it offers a range of uses for space planning without interfering with the building.

Aspect Furniture Harbour is a fully modular system set at a standard height of 1325mm high and desk height is 720mm. The Harbour bays are available as a single workspace or as multiple units. This is possible with a variety of configurations:  back to back, angled adjacently or side by side. Harbour workpoints have accessories like shelves, table lamps and coat hooks. These extras increase the Harbour bay functionality. Harbour incorporates soft wiring reticulated within the panelling and can also be used for phone booths.

Fabric to customer specification
Tabletop in customer specified LPL or timber veneer
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