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Hive is an innovative range of flexible modular seating, designed in the UK by Roger Webb Associates for Connection. It is a stylish and flexible furniture range, making it easy to create liquid spaces in a variety of environments such as offices, universities and public spaces.

In all configurations, Aspect Furniture Hive can seamlessly integrate the latest technology, including fixed and freestanding smart TVs and displays, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, built-in power sources and mobile device charging pads.

Hive offers the flexibility to configure seating and work tables for open areas, plus semi-private and private spaces that have excellent acoustic properties.

With infinite possibilities for configuration, Hive modular seating can be as creative as you are.

  • Numerous configuration possibilities
  • Optimises use of existing real estate
  • Establishes different zones with no need to build walls
  • Helps enhance and reinforce organisations’ brand and culture
  • Integrates power and technology
  • Supports diverse working styles
  • Creates inspiring environments to attract and retain the best talent
  • Enables bespoke design of activity based settings
  • Allows visual, territorial and acoustic privacy for individuals and groups

Fabric to customer specification
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