Laminate Storage Caddy

Mobile Storage Returns provide a flexible secondary desk surface and can incorporate a wide range of storage elements; Drawers (Pencil, Box or File), Open Storage Bays, Tambour Storage.
The unit would typically finish at 600-650mm high, therefore finishing below the height of the main desk. The split level assists users in organising their workspace by creating a clear definition between the primary and secondary areas. This is consistent with the recommended workstation set up as defined by the Code Of Practice for the use of VDU’s in the Place Of Work.

As the Storage Return is a mobile element, the workspace can instantaneously be altered from a left to a right hand return by the user. As well, the unit can be positioned behind the user to maximise length at the sitting edge of the desk.

A Utility Channel can be added to the back edge of any Mobile Storage Return to dramatically increase the units functionality. The channel can house; Screens to increase side by side privacy, Desk Shelves, Toolbars, Power outlets.

Customer specified from LPL or timber veneer range
Additional info: 

Dimensions to customer specification. Standard sizes include (mm):

Length 800 / 900 / 1000
Height 650
Depth 450 / 500