Slide Storage - Steel

Slide Storage is a versatile and space efficient storage solution. The external shell is constructed in laminate or veneer, providing a wide variety of finish options. The sliding doors are manufactured in steel and relieved with a customised punching pattern to the face.

Compared to Tambour Door systems (the major alternative in non-obtrusive doors) Slide Storage provides far greater capacity. Tambour doors require false sides into which the tambour doors retract which is not required with sliding doors. Per shelving level the following loss of space applies in 1800W cabinets:

  • Sliding Door         3.3%

  • Tambour Door     17.8%

Slide Storage units can be fully broken down for transport or storage, which reduces the carbon footprint in transit, as well as saving transport and storage costs. 

Autex AAB or EchoPanel acoustic baffle can be added to the back of the sliding doors, providing acoustic attenuation.

Planter boxes can be fitted to the top of the storage units, with detailing matching the base unit.

Mannex White or Mannex Black or customer specified on request
Additional info: 
Dimensions (mm):
Width 900 - 1800mm
Height 700 - 1200mm
Depth 450 / 500mm


PDF icon Slide Storage_Specifications.pdf1.2 MB