Zurich ShortWall

Zurich ShortWall is a modular tiled 100mm wall system constructed around an aluminium stud and nog frame. Tiled panels in a wide range of finishes are then clipped to the frame with a negative detail between joins.

The size and number of tiled panels is completely flexible and can be altered to fit design requirements.

Tiled panels can be constructed from an almost limitless number of options:

  • Melamine / Melteca / HPL / Solid Timber Veneer

  • Fabric covered panels (pinnable and non-pinnable options)

  • Whiteboard

  • Glazing

  • Acrylic / Perspex

  • Steel – with perforated / dimpled surface

  • Acoustic Attenuation Panels (steel skin with punched surface and baffling material internally)

  • Backlit feature panels

Power and data can be reticulated easily through ShortWall, with points terminated on the tiled panels. Access to wiring can be achieved by simply unclipping the tiled panels.

ShortWall can be easily demounted and reconfigured. The stud and nog system allows the ShortWall to be reconfigured in different layouts to the original, maintaining flexibility over the life of the product.

Frame in powder coat Mannex White, Mannex Silver or Mannex Black or natural anodised
Panel finishes to customer specification
Additional info: 

Dimensions to customer specification