Aspect Furniture Product Warranty

Supply Guarantee



a. Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd (the Supplier) warrants that without prejudice to any other provision of the Supply Contract, the furniture will be:
  • Free from all defects, whether in design, engineering, workmanship or otherwise;
  • In accordance with all laws, good industry practice and all applicable standards;
  • Of merchantable quality, new and of good quality and suitable and fit for the purpose of use intended;
  • Consistent with the requirements of this contract;
  • Designed and manufactured using proven up-to-date good practice and to standards which are consistent with this contract and with the intended use of the furniture.
b. The Supplier also warrants that it has the right to supply all goods and materials used in the furniture and that the client will have and enjoy quiet possession of the furniture, free from any charge or encumbrance.
c. If repair, replacement or modification work to the furniture is required as a result of any breach by the Supplier of any expressed or implied warranty contained in this contract, then the Supplier shall as soon as reasonably possible, at its own expense, carry out such repair, replacement or modification.
d. Zurich products are designed in reference to NZ and Australian Codes and Standards but the Supplier has no control over usage and it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure its suitability for intended use.
e. The above warranty shall apply for a maximum term of 10 years with fair wear and tear excepted.


All Zurich products are covered by a 15 Year Continuity Of Supply Guarantee providing clients confidence in long term decision making.
High locally manufactured content ensures Aspect retains control over supply in the long term, which is reflected in our ability to offer long term Continuity Of Supply.


In addition to the 10 Year Warranty, Aspect also offers an 'Extra Care' programme.

This offers at our sole discretion, repair or replacement of furniture which is clearly defective in manufacture, workmanship or material beyond the warranty date.
Zurich Desks that are relocated without the supervision of an Aspect personnel present void the warranty.