Forsyth Barr | Wellington

A fit-out to match the view

Forsyth Barr
Furniture Included: 
Activate workpoints, Strata wrap screens, Mobile pedestals, Tambour storage, Agility tables, Agility pedestals, Academy chairs, Thynk booths, Runway desking

The Wellington branch of the discerning portfolio management and investment firm, Forsyth Barr, recently engaged Warren and Mahoney architects and Aspect Furniture to create a high-quality, premium fit-out on their new floor in Lambton Quay, with stunning views of the harbour.

A broad range of furniture solutions were tailored to suit the client’s professional and personalised business services. We worked closely with the Warren and Mahoney design team to ensure that a high degree of resolve and attention to detail was given to each piece.

Intimate meeting rooms were off-set by spacious open-plan office areas, with the reception area being the inviting centre of the space. Navy and teal were paired with gold accents and warm wood tones to contribute to the luxurious feel of the fit-out, with expansive views of the ocean from the waiting area.

Activate workpoints were fitted with Strata wrap screens for semi-private working areas and Thynk booths were paired with Runway desking to create more casual meeting and working spaces. Formal meeting rooms were furnished with Agility tables in a range of configurations – a navy table-top creating a statement piece in the client meeting room.

To avoid dealing with multiple suppliers, Forsyth Barr procured all furniture items through Aspect, with the benefit of a consistent project management approach on site.