Green Door Office Share | Auckland

A stylish workspace for productive people

Green Door Office Share
Auckland CBD
Furniture Included: 
Runway Desking, Zurich 5 sit-to-stand desks, Agility tables, Stork tables, Hive media pod

Situated in the Mobico building at 69 Beach Rd, Auckland CBD, Green Door Office Share is a co-working space that aims to provide fashionable, inspirational spaces where people want to come and work. It is a workspace designed for people, that optimises productivity in a stable, quality environment.

Green Door chose Aspect as a partner for the fit-out for three key reasons; our excellent design flexibility and large range of furniture, the service and expertise we offer, and because like Aspect, Green Door value local NZ manufacture. They wanted a furniture partner that would understand their unique needs and could deliver a tailored furniture solution. 

Working alongside Malcolm Taylor from Malcolm Taylor and Associates, Aspect delivered a range of custom furniture that included Runway desking, Zurich 5 sit-to-stand desks and Agility and Stork tables. A bespoke leather and quilted fabric Hive media pod serves as the functional and popular centre hub of the fit-out.

Aldas Palubinskas, owner of the Green Door Office Share space, enjoyed working closely with Aspect across all parts of the project. “Jerry, our account manager, was responsive and really helpful working through the design and finishes – from fabrics to edge detailing. The installation crew were amazing, loading in carefully and assembling everything with a fine attention to detail. All issues were all promptly resolved. What we most enjoyed though was the range in the Aspect showroom, because we could keep visiting to refine our design.”