The bank made for New Zealanders, by New Zealanders


Kiwibank made the decision to relocate their offices to the prestigious new building at 20 Customhouse Quay designed by Studio Pacific Architecture.

The new fit out had to facilitate a new way of working that would connect the different teams within the Kiwibank group and foster a sense of community between employees.

Kiwibank worked closely with Jasmax to create a sense of vibrancy and identity within the space, using colours inspired by the landscape and local materials. The interior was to be informal, welcoming and authentic with inspiration drawn from mid-century modern domestic architecture.

Each floor was to have a different type of activity at its heart, to encourage movement between floors and a variety of experiences for employees and visitors. Flexible furnishings were requested to support these aims.

Aspect provided a wide range of collaborative and break-out furnishings including Hive, Thynk and Stork tables and seating which were paired with existing desking systems.  Specifying products that were manufactured by Aspect meant custom solutions were easily achieved to meet the specifc needs of Kiwibank.