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Wellington East Girls' College

The future of agile learning

Wellington East Girls' College
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Furniture Included: 
Stork leaners, Zurich 5 electric sit-to-stand desks, Zurich mobile pedestals, Hive seating, Agility meeting & tilting tables, Runway tables, Envelope laptop tables, Balance coffee tables, Bobo bar stools, Brek chairs, Jive chairs, Portone task chairs

Wellington East Girls’ College have redeveloped their learning facility by building a new state-of-the-art centre behind the preserved historical façade that includes a cultural area, library, and café.

Aspect were awarded the furniture fit-out, and worked alongside the senior management team from WEGC to deliver a flexible collaboration space that facilitates an agile group-learning environment. Aspect worked closely with the WEGC staff on the challenging floor plan, that had to accommodate over 1000 students within an open-plan, multi-level teaching space.

The outcome was a space that all teachers, librarians and support staff could utilise to best benefit the students’ learning experience. Aspect provided a furniture fit-out that offered students a range of collaborative options, from soft-seating ottomans paired with laptop tables to individual desking with side-screen partitions for privacy.

This was a particularly unique fit-out as the school wanted to create a future-proof building that could accommodate for all learning styles and cultures. The cultural space (Whare Manaaki) was given special attention with custom designed ottomans that can be moved around and used in different settings, along with wall-mounted Agility white boards for teaching and presentations.