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Certificates & Accreditations

Aspect Furniture Quality, Environmental and Work Health Safety

Company Wide System Certifications

Aspect Furniture Australian sites are certified as meeting a range of national and international certifications including ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 9001 Quality Management and AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management.

  • ISO 14001 is the best-known, most widely recognised standard for environmental management.  It is an international standard that provides specific guidelines to help organisations measurably minimise their environmental impacts, reduce waste and go beyond basic compliance in meeting environmental goals.
  • AS 4801 is the national standard for occupational health and safety.  It lays down the guidelines and requirements to help an organisation formulate workable policies to address the real people hazards or risks associated with its everyday operations.
  • ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. Its focus is customer satisfaction. Taking an organisation's goals as its aim, the standard addresses all of the processes in the business to help ensure that, at each stage, they help the company not only meet those goals, but continuously improve.

To learn more about these standards and what these certifications mean for your business operations, visit our external certifier SAI Global.

Green Product Certifications

In acknowledgement of Aspect Furniture complying with the Environmental Declaration Standard for Furniture and Fittings, GECA  has awarded Aspect with the Good Environmental Choice Label.

This is an international best practice environmental declaration ensuring that Aspect Furniture products (throughout their entire life cycle) deliver better environmental outcomes. The verification program is managed via a Documented Quality Management System and Certification Program including external auditors of our manufacturing processes. This sets Aspect Furniture ahead of its competitors, and means it is now established as an innovator in environmental standards.

Our major office furniture ranges are all GECA certified providing externally audited assurance that our products meet stringent environmental and ethical standards.