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An agile open-plan solution for Massey University

The open office floorplan has become the norm for most companies, but research has shown that although this encourages teamwork and creative collaboration, staff in open offices experience more interruptions and lower levels of productivity and concentration.

Aspect has a long-established range of furniture solutions to address the need for private focus areas in an open-plan environment, including the innovative T-Pod composite partitioning system that offers a selection of pre-formatted modules that can be quickly and efficiently planned into a floorplan.

Massey University recently partnered with Aspect to create a satellite workspace for their Albany-based staff, with over a 100 workpoints and a range of meeting and break-out zones that encourages collaboration.

The floorplan made use of the self-supporting T-Pod partitioning system to integrate private meeting rooms in the open-plan space. With a choice of colours and fabrics from an on-trend palette, the workspace includes the T-pod meeting rooms, Activate workpoints with privacy screens, and Tambour storage units.

Smaller break-out areas were created throughout the open-plan space with Tailor and Sketch chairs, Hive collaborative seating and Agility café tables paired in casual settings. Aspect’s flexible Agility table system also featured inside the T-Pods and three large boardrooms with a range of off-the-wall and meeting table applications.