Aspect Furniture sponsors Australian Government Procurement Week

Aspect is pleased to be sponsoring Australian Government Procurement Week, which will be held in Sydney between 26th and 28th July 2017.

The event will bring together procurement managers, from the Australian public sector, who are looking to achieve greater value for money in their operations.  

Aspect’s commitment to delivering value and efficiencies in its operations — in design, manufacturing and supply of commercial office furniture — makes its involvement in Australian Government Procurement Week pertinent. 

“Striving for efficiencies and sustainability in our processes is smart business, for us and the organisations we supply”, says Grant Kennerley, National Marketing Manager for Aspect. Our sponsorship of Australian Government Procurement Week is a fantastic opportunity to connect with public sector managers who are seeking greater value for money in their supplier contracts.”

One way that Aspect delivers value for money is through keeping production local. Faster delivery, design flexibility, and quality assurance are some of the benefits. Aspect also creates efficiencies for purchasers through designing innovative products that need less servicing due to their enduring features.

The sponsorship of Australian Government Procurement Week supports our commitment to provide quality, innovative furniture systems that maximise value for businesses in the Australasian market.

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