The man behind the machine

With an increasing demand for quality Collaborative Office furniture for ABW offices, it’s important that we reduce lead times and uphold the same production standards that we have for the past 30 years. 

We know that our people are key to achieving this. Our upholstery manager, Danny King, is one example of how Aspect’s team upholds our vision for quality.

Danny has always enjoyed the intricacy of making things by hand. After school, he started an apprenticeship with an eagerness to improve his skills in the industry.  During the 90’s, Danny spent his time growing up and working in Sydney’s inner city. At this time, the inner city was home to a vibrant community of furniture makers and craftsmen.

It was then that Danny’s passion and talent took flight. “I’m very grateful to have been a part of that community in that day and age” he said. “I enjoy the challenges my career has put in front of me. There is always a cleaner, smarter way of doing things and that’s what makes this industry so dynamic.”

Like Danny, all our team members have a passion for producing quality furniture here in Australia. Aspect Furniture are proud of what we’re creating, and strive to continually improve the way we work.