Encase is a new product range designed and manufactured by Aspect, with a range of storage and desking options that can be used individually or as an integrated storage and desking solution.

Storage units are manufactured in LPL or veneer which is encased in a steel veneer, with a fine 8mm edge to the perimeter, softened at corners with a radius. This dual layer construction provides a myriad of design possibilities combining powdercoat finishes with plain or timber grain LPL.

The steel veneer is extremely hardwearing due to the timber substrate and is not prone to dinting like typical steel cabinetry.

Matching privacy screens are manufactured with a dual steel skin with perforations. The internal cavity is filled with acoustic dampener to reduce sound transmission and also accepts pins through the perforations. Alternatively magnetic accessories can be fitted directly to the steel skin.

Power and data can be integrated into the clusters as required and presented to the user above or below desk.

Desktop and Storage Internal in customer specified LPL or timber veneer
Subframe and Storage Shell in Mannex White, Mannex Black, Mannex Silver or customer specified colour
Dimensions to customer specification