Floorsense / Floorsight

Floorsense is a revolutionary product designed and developed in New Zealand to help businesses maximise the benefits of Activity-Based Working environments. A smart sensor sits under the desk and reports back real-time occupancy. It works in conjunction with Floorsight, an RFID sensor and wireless phone charger that allows users to reserve a desk with either their building access card or their phone. The software allows for not only a responsive booking system but also an app that allows end users to locate each other easily. Administrators are provided clear analytics for thousands of workspaces, in real-time, and with statistical reports. Floorsense provides unparalleled flexibility and analytics for dynamic work environments.

Take the guesswork out of workplace analysis and reservation. Make your spaces smarter. Create an innovative environment that works for you, for your people, and enhances not only productivity, but employee wellbeing.


Floorsense allows for work-style analysis to happen rapidly - and for office management to be based on accurate, measurable data. Get real-time feedback on which workspaces are being used and which ones are free. Review detailed analytics data to see what areas are the most popular, and for what use. By monitoring the use of spaces effectively, employers and office administrators can actively engage with their workforce to provide an innovative environment that is both useful and responsive.


Take it one step further with Floorsight which can easily be retro-fitted to existing desks and furniture pieces - consisting of the Floorsense under-desk sensor and the Floorsight pad with desktop access card or phone reader. Together, they provide real-time occupancy information that locates employees effortlessly in large, agile work environments. The integrated software allows users to reserve a desk easily from the app on their phone, check where other co-workers are, and provide their location to those that need to know by simply swiping access card or charging their phone on the wireless pad. An LED lit “Traffic light” feature shows the availability of a desk and/or user and can deter interruptions. The Floorsight pad also includes standard USB charging outlet for devices that are not wireless charge compatible.

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