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Smartalock is a modern electronic lock system designed to make storage furniture intelligent. Personal storage solutions for the workplace are changing rapidly with the advent of Activity Based Workplaces. Flexible working is leading to the sharing of individual desks and the reduction of per-employee storage at the desk itself. Employees need dynamically assigned lockers, placed near where they are working which may change each day. Teams need access to shared yet secure storage for group projects, all the while employers need to see real floorspace cost savings and improved workplace productivity.

  • Agile Working (ABW)
  • Schools & Universities
  • Gyms
Likewise Schools and Universities are looking for semi-permanent student storage that is secure, proximate and hassle free to maintain as students come and go. Students working on joint projects need shared lockers without the hassle of keys - ideally enabled and disabled by their smartphone. Sports Facilities want to offer gym goers a premium changing room facility with in-locker USB charging and other value added services, all while reducing both floor space and maintenance. No more bolt cutters!

The Smartalock Solution:

Combining intelligent lock hardware with powerful applications in a complete package - Smartalock can be used in both existing storage lockers, or with no visible lock or handle required, with seamless locker furniture designs that blends into walls, floor consoles or any custom furniture a fit out requires.

Card + Smartphone + Kiosk  = All Bases Covered

Smartalock works with existing building access cards, as well as our free Smartphone application or via the included touchscreen kiosk. Users get access to lockers via any or all of these methods. No Phone? Lost swipe card? You can also use a PIN to access a locker from the touchscreen.

Smart Design with Solid Hardware
Designed by experienced furniture manufacturers in conjunction with experts in electrical engineering and software development. Smartalock hardware works simply and seamlessly to provide a secure storage solution that adjusts to business needs over time.
Powerful User Applications All Included

The Smartalock App extends the functionality of a traditional locker by integrating features not possible even with other so-called smartlocker systems.

Ultra Low Maintenance

Unlike battery powered locks, Smartalock is mains powered (with optional UPS backup). No yearly replacement of batteries, and no disposal issue for toxic products.


Innovative Locker Hardware

  • Front side indicator light: at-a-glance locker availability.
  • Left or right side mounting: suits all door configurations and locker types.
  • Soft open door plunger: allows for handle-less locker doors and seamless design.
  • Internal bright LED lighting: see what’s  inside the locker even in low light environments.
  • Built in 1Amp charging port: leave phones and tablets to charge in the locker.
  • Power out mechanical release: emergency access via special tool or mechanical switch box.

Powerful Controller

  • Power and data in one: simplified cabling system carries power and data in single standard Cat5E cables
  • Touchscreen Kiosk: access and control lockers without smartphone or access card.
  • Built in card reader: reads practically every available card type -13.56Mhz  and 125kHZ.
  • Integrated WIFI: optional connection to office WIFI network for remote admin (not required for operation).
  • Integrated ethernet: LAN port included for optional connection to customer LAN.

Beautifully Simple Software

  • Shake to unlock: open your locker by approaching the locker area and simply shaking your smartphone.
  • Intelligent locker sharing: share access to single lockers amongst multiple Smartalock App users via SMS or email.
  • Powerful admin operation: complete control over fixed vs dynamic locker assignment.
  • Simple setup: wizard based first time configuration and intuitive ongoing operational interface.
  • Built in analytics: improve locker placement, locker to user ratios and make floor space savings.

Environmentally Sound

Special care has been taken to ensure the production of Smartalock hardware uses recyclable plastics, lead and mercury free PCB circuit board and components. All product is RoHS certified. All packaging is kept to the minimum required

Analytics = Floor Savings

The Smartalock Administration System carries on where others stop (if they exist at all). Providing both a user friendly operations interface as well as deep insight into locker analytics. Smartalock Analytics comes as standard, providing detailed breakdowns of locker usage, top users and bottom users of lockers, along with detailed information on current and historical availability of lockers for users so that facilities managers know where demand exceeds supply or where lockers can be moved to in order to optimise their current floor plans.

  • Complete control over thousands of lockers from single console
  • Most common operations completed in 2 clicks
  • Realtime and historical utilization rates
  • Calculates safe levels of over subscription based on real data
  • Included free with every Smartalock System
The Smartalock system works with the devices and cards your end users or clients already have. Use smartphones, existing swipe cards or the discrete touchscreen to dynamically allocate and access lockers. Integration with client IT systems is entirely optional - Smartalock will work completely standalone, or can connect to office networks via either its built in WIFI or dedicated LAN port.
With Smartalock you will achieve floor space savings, reduce building management all while giving a superior experience to users.
Smooth scratch resistant powder coated finish or customer specified from LPL or timber veneer range. Doors also available with spray lacquer or writable blackboard surface; and gloss whiteboard finish
Powder coat mannex white, mannex black or customer specified on request. Customer specified from LPL or timber veneer range
Dimensions to customer specification
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