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Strata screen

Strata privacy screens create a minimal and contemporary appearance with full fabric coverage to all faces. The central seam detail eliminates the need for the traditional aluminium edge to the perimeter.

Strata screens can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses with standard options of 18mm and 25mm. Length and height are customer specified and screens can be covered in any suitable fabric.

Mounting options for Strata screens can be static height from the workstation sub frame, or can be bracketed from the desktop to rise and fall with height adjustable desks – an approach that is commonly applied in sit-stand environments.

Strata screens can be manufactured as a straight screen or with a curve to the back corners with a return wrapping around the ends of the worktop, providing additional privacy.

Strata screens can also integrate with Aspect’s desk accessory channel. This allows screens to be quickly added, removed and re-positioned along the length of the channel.

Fabric to customer specification
Pinnable substrate
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Dimensions: To customer specification