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We operate in an everevolving commercial world, where the boundaries associated with how we work are constantly under review. Flexibility is crucial in any office environment.. T Wall provides a flexible partitioning solution that will future-proof your office environment.

With cost-effective frameless sliding glass doors, T Wall creates an open and collaborative environment where management can really be part of the team, yet still have the ability to create a private environment when required.

Open Plan For Offices

T Wall conveys a sense of openness through the extensive use of glass with a minimum number of posts. Large format, frameless sliding glass doors allow officed staff to minimise the barriers between them and open plan staff.


Traditionally frameless glass systems have been very expensive and relied on structural support from the ceiling above. T Wall eliminates the need for this through the introduction of a structural transom, allowing greater modularity and significant cost savings.

Demountable & Reusable

T Wall can be relocated many times over the product's life, with minimal on site disruption. Concealed post extensions allow for variances in ceiling height between relocated positions. Not only does this add value for the client, but also aligns with Aspect's goals of reduced environmental impact through encouraging re-use.

Fast Installation

Innovative clipping and jointing details make T Wall fast and easy to assemble on site, minimising disruption during installation.

Space Efficiency & Dual Functionality

Integrated Store Wall and Function Wall create exceptional utilisation of space, save money and provide a more streamlined aesthetic.

Partial Height Options

T Wall performs equally well in a partial height environment. In most configurations, the structure above the height of the transom is cosmetic only, and can be removed to create partial height officing. During reconfiguration this avoids the need to alter air conditioning and fire sprinkler systems. 

Acoustic Performance

T Wall is sound insulated with acoustic seals to all integrated components and brushes to sliding door mechanisms.

Powder coat Mannex White, Mannex Silver or Mannex Black or natural anodised
Additional info: 

DImensions (mm):

Max Span Between Posts 4500mm
Transom Height (underside) 2100 - 3000mm
Max Height Head Track 4500mm