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Runway is an architecturally detailed desking system ideally suited to linear benching environments. End leg frames are manufactured full width, but intermediate leg frames are set back out of the leg-space zone, effectively creating a continuous bench.

Runway linear benching provides a flexible benching environment that is non-modular in nature. Layout and distribution of individual desk space along the bench can be altered as required. As such, Runway is ideally suited to project teams, touchdown points, or other areas where team structures are likely to change over time. The triangular leg section profile is highlighted with polished aluminium details at the mitred corner joints which contrasts with the powdercoat finish and draws attention to the precision engineering of the system.

All accessories fit tool-lessly into the accessory track, meaning that changes to configuration can be made on the fly without the need for technicians.

Runway is ideally suited to be teamed with System 18 Slide screens, which are designed to provide a user adjustable level of privacy that can be modified instantly depending on the task at hand. Screens are supplied in a partial width and run in a double track along the central spine. Therefore within a user’s module screens can be positioned to provide complete privacy from their adjacent neighbour or can be slid in front of each other to promote collaboration and teamwork.

Runway is designed and manufactured in New Zealand and Australia using locally sourced and imported components, offering fast and reliable lead times, flexibility with design and assured quality and environmental standards.


Desktop in customer specified LPL or timber veneer
Subframe in mannex white, mannex black, mannex silver or customer specified colour
Dimensions to customer specification
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