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Studio Pod

Studio Pods are free-standing, flexible work rooms that easily adapt and move to suit you, your space and your people.

Modern offices must accommodate different zones of activity –spaces for socialising, focus, collaboration, and catch-ups. Studio Pod is the ideal solution for this kind of mixed use.

Studies show open plan offices distract staff. Office noise can lead to lost productivity and a reduction in workplace satisfaction. Studio Pod’s design was informed by this research, resulting in an innovative, acoustically insulated space for collaboration and thinking.

Key features of Studio Pod include:

Fast installation: Taking from 5 hours to install, the Studio Pod is a compelling alternative to the traditional build process, which is costly and disruptive.

Plug and play: A central control box and integrated services beam supports office mobility with power and data, making tech integration effortless so you can simply get on with work.

Fire safe: A sprinkler and smoke alarm system that meets modern safety requirements so you and your team are always kept safe.

The details that matter: Self-closing doors, universal mounting brackets, and light sensors. We’ve thought about the details so you can focus on what matters.

Level footed: The Studio Pod’s adjustable floor system can be used to level entrance for everyone.

Keep your cool: Our patented air ventilation system, keeps air fresh and temperature regulated. That means you stay cool and maintain your focus.

Whisper quiet acoustics: Our patented acoustic system sets the standard. With wall composition and glass rated at 40db, it’s a game changer for creating focused, productive conversations.

Designed by collaboration: Studio Pod’s high-performance aspects were refined through thousands of hours of collaboration. Our design process involved conversations with engineers and specialists to solve our customers’ needs without compromising what’s important.

We know that construction quality matters, that’s why we have chosen to design and manufacture the Studio Pod range locally.

Studio Pod was developed in collaboration with a team of New Zealand architects, engineers and industry specialists. Our design team worked closely with the team on the factory floor. Local manufacturing means better quality control and faster turnaround times. Material choices ensure our products meet ISO manufacturing standards. Studio Pod also adheres seismic, fire, and ventilation standards in NZ and AU.

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