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The Department of Treasury and Finance | Hobart

Open plan office solution

The Department of Treasury and Finance
Furniture Included: 
Zurich sit-to-stand workstations, customised storage units, and collaborative furniture

The Department of Treasury and Finance, Tasmania, was seeking an office furniture solution for their open plan work points, executive offices, and acoustically private enclosures. They also wanted to resolve complex cable management issues, including a structured solution for personal storage units.

We supplied 900 Aspect Furniture Zurich sit-to-stand workstations, a market-leading desk solution.

Our team also provided customised cable bridging that was flexible, modular, and allowed for efficient installation and access to cabling.

Aspect’s point of difference was our competitive furniture pricing combined with local Aspect Furniture Tasmanian manufactured products. Our team’s furniture design capability also meant that we could tailor a solution to meet the Government Department’s specific needs.